zoopa 350 | zoopa 350

The Allrounder among the RC helicopters.

The zoopa 350 is the next challenge for everyone that already has some initial experience: The single-blade-rotor makes it more agile than all models with coaxial- system (double rotors). Flying never gets boring because of the models huge power! Brilliant flight characteristics and high quality construction let every pilots heart beat higher.

The integrated Gyro technology stabilizes the helicopter on its own. It is just the perfect choice for outdoor flights at low wind or windcovered gardens due to it’s tough construction and size. But it also cuts a fine figure in halls!

The 4-channel technology ensures an authentic flight. In addition, a long flight time (about 10 minutes) is featured while the high-quality processing and the elegant design that make the zoopa 350 an absolute highlight.

The zoopa 350 BL is equipped with alight and almost wear free brushless motor. By saving this weight, the zoopa 350 BL is faster and more agile. To extend your field of use, the zoopa 350 BL can be equipped with the optionally available FlyCamOne eco camera.

Product videos

zoopa 350
zoopa 350 | 1min 26sec
zoopa 350
zoopa 350 | 5min 47sec

zoopa 350
zoopa 350 | 1min 26sec
zoopa 350
zoopa 350 Binding | 1min 26sec


At a glance:

zoopa 350BL und zoopa 350

AA0350BL - zoopa 350 Brushless
AA0350BL - zoopa 350
Difficulty level:
Outdoor, little wind, indoor (hall - no living room)
Flight time:
approx. 10 minutes
approx. 60m
Remote control:
2.4GHz 4-Channel


Powerful single-blade Drive
4 Channel control
Outdoor capable
Camera capable (optional)
High flight stability
2.4GHz Wireless technology
Complete range of spare parts


350BL zoopa or zoopa 350
2.4GHz Controller BC4024 (requires 8 AA batteries, not included)
ACME 7.4V (2S) 850mAh Li-Po battery
Power supply 100-240V; Output: 10V, 800mA
Load module LiPo 7.4V with balancer feature - 10V
Replacement rotor blades
Replacement tail rotor blade