zoopa 300 | zoopa 300

zoopa 300 movie - The big beginner helicopter

The zoopa 300 movie features an integrated FlyCamOne eco V2 camera which let you shoot photos and videos from the air. This helicopter provides outstanding and beginner-friendly flight characteristics at the same time, which eases the step into the world of the bigger helicopter for younger and unexperiences pilots. The tough aluminium body and flexible rotor blades make the zoopa 300 movie one of the most solid helicopters in it’s class.

The integrated FlyCamOne eco V2 camera offers breathtaking aerial recordings in video and photosize. No matter if you want to film your own house or holiday resort. This no problem anymore for beginners. The camera is simply being controlled through the 2 additional channels on the controller, where you can switch between photo- and video mode.

To make the zoopa 300 standing on one point in the air and reach the excellent flight characteristics, the helicopter has been equipped with the newest 2.0 gyro technology which automatically corrects rotational deviations, and additionally a coaxial rotor blade system. These two systems make it possible to take full control almost immediately and without many practice. This is why the zoopa 300 is the best choice for beginners without any experience!

Product videos

zoopa 300
zoopa 300 | 1min 14sec
zoopa 300
zoopa 300 | 1min 55sec


At a glance:

zoopa 300 movie

AA0300 - zoopa 300 movie (with Camera)
AA0302 - zoopa 300 (without Camera)
Difficulty level:
Indoor, Outdoor no wind
Flight time:
approx. 6-7 minutes
approx. 60m
Remote control:
2.4GHz 3 + 2-Channel


Built FlyCamOne eco V2 camera (only AA0300 - zoopa 300 movie)
Beginner friendly coaxial double rotor blade system
High flight stability
Lossless 2.4GHz wireless technology
Integrated gyro system 2.0 Force Back
Up to 100 models at the same time in the air
3 + 2 Channel remote control
Complete range of spare parts


zoopa 300 movie or zoopa 300
2.4GHz Transmitter BC2405
USB Cable
FlyCamOne eco V2 camera (only AA0300 - zoopa 300 movie)
ACME 3.7V (1S) 1000mAh LiPo Battery
110-240V 1A Load module
Replacement rotor blades A and B
Replacement tail rotor blade