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They like to work and be happy if you something has succeeded. Their enthusiasm and commitment are the basic foundation for your professional success? An international company, which is long-term, you is. They are willing to Existing constantly to question and improve. That's why you wear with new ideas helping to make a difference. And you constantly learn and use spiritual freedom in order to develop themselves.

Then you should join us!

Graduates and Professionals

We need highly qualified staff to ensure a healthy mix of young and experienced members. We rely not only on academics - the knowledge and experience of skilled workers and technicians are in demand at ACME.

Adjust to us?

Whether you are looking for career entry or even bring several years of experience and knowledge – We are looking for people who want to contribute to the company's success. Show us what you've got! As a future employee Dakine you are quality conscious and willing to perform to a large extent - without using elbows. In addition, you are helpful, have team spirit and like to take responsibility - then you are right with us.

Students at ACME – professional practice while studying


You will find:

  • Independent work and responsibility for projects
  • Practical knowledge in daily business
  • Individual supervision with regular feedback sessions
  • Joint events with other students

From internship on the thesis to choose careers. Do you want to write to your own success story.

We offer committed students internships in Germany


Your options

  • Preschools and primary placements for at least 6 weeks
  • internship for university students in the Rule 22 weeks (according to study regulations)
  • compulsory internships for university courses, at least 8 weeks
  • Voluntary internships, at least 8 weeks

What we expect from you

We are open to various fields of study, are of particular interest for us but students of computer science and economics. Next you should bring for an internship with us:

  • Excellent grades
  • knowledge in their field
  • teamwork and flexibility
  • High commitment
  • Intercultural interest and understanding
  • Valid registration certificate (except for the internship)

They have an open-minded, flexible personality and can be easily integrated into existing teams. Dealing with popular Office programs is not a problem for you. They are enthusiastic, have their own ideas and want to make a difference. Then you should join us! An internship gives you the opportunity to apply your theoretical knowledge in practice. You explore the professional life and can be oriented to get started after graduation. According to the guide "Fair Internship" we do not offer graduates internships.

Entry into the Experience

Interns we entrust with demanding tasks. They work independently on a project. Of course, your benefits are paid and receive adequate compensation.

Duration and scope

With us you can complete various internships. The duration depends on your qualification and the purpose of your internship. However, a general rule: The longer you are with us, the more you can learn the professional life.